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A Clowder of Cats

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Jon Weinbren

Director / Curator

Jon is a cat of many colours. Scriptwriter, filmmaker, producer, director, game designer, animator, technical director, studio lead, researcher, educator and media strategist are all roles he has fulfilled, although Jon is not one for labels particularly. He has been working in film, television, animation, promos and interactives for longer than he can remember, and is proud to have picked up a few awards and accolades along the way. He currently heads up all things Digital Media Arts at the University of Surrey, and previously set up and ran the Games Development department at the National Film and Television School. Jon is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a voting member of Bafta and a member of the Royal Television Society: all great places to do lunch. Jon is passionate about fostering new talent, facilitating accessibility and diversity in the media industries and forging new creative techniques at the interface between the arts and technology. Sure he’s covered a lot of ground over the years, but for Jon, the best is yet to come. Hence starting this initiative with a bunch of fantastically inspirational folk with whom he is massively excited to work. 

Andy Gilbert


Andy is one clever cat. An expert in Machine Learning and Computer Vision, Andy has worked with the likes of Adobe, Framestore and many other household names in the media industries, as well as having published and delivered over 40 journal articles and international conference papers alongside other leaders in the field. He has led on key innovations in accessible performance capture, video content understanding, and ‘style-aware’ in-painting for 2D arts applications. Andy is passionate about applying the latest and best innovations in data science to real world creative and cultural domains, using Deep Learning techniques to help create exciting, surprising and edifying artistic and cultural experiences. Now that’s deep. 

Dora Filopovic

Sound Designer and Filmmaker

Dora is a soundsational cat. She is an award-winning sound editor and sound designer based in London with many years of experience working on short dramas, features and documentary films. Dora’s current research explores alternative approaches to sound-centric filmmaking, using enacted storylines, virtual reality, immersive audio and 360 degree visuals to transport audiences into the everyday lives of people with different kinds of sight loss. Now that will make you sit up and listen.

Izzy Barszcz

Animation Director

Izzy is a cat that has all the moves. She is an award-winning animator and director who works across a range of sumptuous traditional and digital media, adept at transporting us to dreamy imaginary places with compelling characters and stories that touch our hearts and move our minds. Her work has been featured at prestigious festivals around the world, and she generously shares her experience and knowledge with MA students at the University of Surrey, and lucky undergrads at various other institutions. Recent output includes the evocative Many Faces of Ava, and our very own Remember the Future, both of which have acheived numerous national and international accolades.

Anselem Nkoro

Creative Software Specialist

Anselem is a very versatile cat. He is fluent in an amazing array of creative image making software including 2D, 3D, and any other cat dimension you can think of. Like most cats, he is incredibly popular on YouTube and his askNK channel provides over 300,000 followers with all the latest in digital content creation and creative software tech. That’s nearly as popular as cat videos.

Bojan Brbora


Bojan is a our resident cine-cat-ographer. National Film and Television School alumnus and veteran of the Balkan film industries, Bojan’s works in both live action film and interactive real-time animation. His outputs have featured in numerous international film festivals, and have picked up several awards and nominations along the way. Bojan has also extensive experience working in videogames and VR creating installations and features for the Wellcome Collection, the Dubai Louvre and Sotheby’s London. Bojan’s recent camera and lighting work on the experimental dance piece “Align” was recognised with a “Best Cinematography” accolade at the LA Cinematography Festival. His latest short drama, “Surprise”, was chosen for the Director’s UK/ARRI Trinity Challenge and as official selection in the London Independent and Aesthetica Film Festivals.

David Frohlich

Leading Specialist in Interaction Design and Digital Media Research

David is a courteous cat. His world-leading research includes next generation paper technologies, assistive media for health and wellbeing, interface and interaction design, and generally using technologies new and old to make the world and easier and more fulfilling place to live in for those that need our support. Which makes it nicer for cats too.