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The Centre for Creative Arts and Technologies is an interdisciplinary research and production initiative grounded in the media of moving images and related artistic forms.

We embrace film, animation, visual effects, games, interactivity, live performance, immersion, digital theatre and virtual production in all their current and future guises; without forgetting all the artistic and cultural forebears upon which all these modes of expression were built.

C-CATS combines creative expression with technological innovation: a ‘no barriers’ approach through which we can both make great work and facilitate the future of making great work.

We find ourselves in a time of profound change in the arts and culture space; a time of potential crisis as well as potential opportunity. C-CATS is our way of trying to tip the balance in favour of a positive future creative landscape, by leveraging the best emerging technologies, developing the best new tools and techniques, and being a key part of the production of powerful stories and experiences for the benefit of all who are willing to engage.