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Friend - Animated Short directed by Lia Haikali
Friend - Animated Short directed by Lia Haikali
igital Media Arts student Azmae Shahzad and friends experiment with traditional animation techniques
DMA student Azmae Shahzad and friends experiment with traditional animation techniques
Friction - Dance/Music/Drama/Short Film hybrid directed by Nicole Azu
Friction - Dance/Music/Drama/Short Film hybrid directed by Nicole Azu
On set with Locked In - directed by Sophie Mason
On set with Locked In - directed by Sophie Mason


Our vision is to bring together researchers and practitioners in film, animation, theatre, data science, engineering, psychology, humanities and beyond, to create new ‘content’ and new ways of working within the broader creative arts.


We enjoy strong links with the local film, television and games production communities, as well as with numerous leading national and international industry players. We extensively engage with all important cultural institutions and trade associations which promote and support the creative industries of which we are a part. We are also actively developing partnerships which transcend institutional boundaries – local, national and global – for the benefit of all.


Last century distinctions between research, development, production practice and learning/teaching have no place here. We embrace student involvement at all levels of our work. Our production methods are both innovative and agile. Examples include real-time rendering pipelines, automated photogrammetry, 3D to 2D animation hybridisation, performance capture, full virtual production and more. We are proud to benefit from our students’ and new entrants’ expertise and familiarity with social media content creation, low barrier to entry distribution, diversity, and thematic political engagement.


We seek to be more than a traditional academic research centre, more than a set of outputs for academic consumption in pursuit of league table scores. We set our own research targets – to make our research real, impactful and relevant. We are informed by and seek to influence contemporary media practices and the evolving contexts of the audiences and cultural communities we aim to reach. We will find new and interesting ways of creating delivering and understanding the stories, experiences and provocations which provide us all with edification, connection, and a deeper sense of collective consciousness.


C-CATS is designed to jumpstart high level research and practice in the creative arts and technologies through interdisciplinary collaboration, creative activity, industry partnership and impactful outputs that engage with audiences. We combine technological expertise with innovative storytelling, facilitating the creation of new, impactful artistic works and novel media production techniques.


We’re determined to not only use technology, but also to adapt and invent it. This is where interdisiplinarity truly comes into play.   


There is no substitute for creativity. It is our watchword. No amount of technological wizardry can ever replace the ingenuity and spark of the human spirit. 


C-CATS is fundamentally a group of practitioners. We make things. Some of these are experimental and tied in with our research; others more practical fulfilling a need or request from internal or external partners or commissioners, such as university departments, charities, causes or initiatives. We produce films, animations, games, apps, experiences and events. We offer expertise in performance capture, real-time rendering, cinematography, vfx, animation, virtual production, and live action film production. We have access to some of the best new talent in the business. We avoid turn-key solutions: every production is a learning journey for all those involved. It always has been and always will be. To quote the Mandalorian, “This is the way!