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Remotely Theatrical

Remotely Theatrical (Real-Time) is a virtual theatre stage set which allows different theatre production departments to collaborate and learn through a synchronous cooperative real-time environment. Using low-cost performance capture technologies, RT-RT enables stage actors working remotely and at a distance to ‘project’ their performances into a fully working responsive virtual environment. Scenographers, scenic artists, costumiers, lighting designers, sound specialists, character designers and other specialists all perform their functions via a set of bespoke digital interfaces so that the totality of the performance is integrated as part of the same synchronous virtual world, offering audiences a unique live, in-the-moment and as-it-happens experience of the show. This is ‘digital’ theatre as it has never been previously experienced, and something we feel is a particularly apposite solution to the challenges of our times.

Key People


Guildford School of Acting, Unreal Engine