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The C-CATS team is delighted to have been commissioned by the University of Surrey’s amazing newly minted Institute for Sustainability to create a special animation to support the Institute’s work. Produced and Directed by Jon Weinbren, teaming up with co-writer Tom Hill and featuring the amazing skills of Animation Director Izzy Barszcz, we have named the film “Remember the Future”. It looks at the past, present and possible future of a sustainable planet and sustainable living. We are working with the Institute’s key people, Lorenzo Fioramonti and Nathalie Hinds in developing the ideas and treatment behind the animation, and it’s undoubtedly a wonderful way for this multi-disciplinary Institute to engage with the Creative Arts and associated technologies. What more can I say: it’s a fantastic project which we love working on. So here’s a little sneak of some behind the scenes work featuring Jon Weinbren and Izzy Barszcz.

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