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Among the Cherry Trees

This is our early adventure into the world of Virtual Production. Originally envisaged as camera and tech test, we decided to make something that would be nice to look at and listen to, as well as tell a decent story in a short space of time. Featuring dancer/choreographer Mansi Harvey, with music and voice provided by Alice Mills, Among the Cherry Trees is a magical realist portrayal of a forest nymph beckoning her human visitors to be more respectful of the precious environment from which she emanates.

An Avatar Prepares

In a bold attempt to become more ‘human’, a fully working and life-like mid-21st century android travels back in time to the early part of the previous millennium to attend workshops at Konstantin Stanislavsky’s Moscow Arts Theatre Studio in order to learn and understand the master theatre-maker’s ground-breaking new acting and rehearsal techniques.

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Falmouth University